Replicache 12.1.0

Improvements to the experimental store API.

February 10, 2023



Improvements to the experimental store API.

New since v12.0.0

🔌 Install

npm add replicache@12.1.0

🎁 Features

  • Added experimentalCreateKVStore. This is a function that creates a new named Store. The old experimentalKVStore option wasn’t working as intended. The goal of these options is to allow providing a custom solution for the persistent storage. When we introduced the experimentalKVStore option we only had one persistent key-value store but over time we added more. That lead to the initial design no longer working as intended.
  • Exported the ExperimentalMemKVStore class. This can be used to get a version of Replicache that does not store anything persistently.

🧰 Fixes

  • Fix an issue where we were accessing crypto.randomUUID at startup. Some environments where Replicache runs do not allow accessing this function at startup.

⚠️ Breaking Changes

No changes.

⚡️ Performance

No changes.