Replicache General Availability

After two years of beta development and intense iteration with customers like Vercel and, we are pleased to announce the General Availability of Replicache.

May 11, 2022


Today, we are pleased to announce the General Availability of Replicache 🎉.

Replicache is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to write spinner-free, instantly responsive web UIs that feature realtime updates from other users. We were inspired by apps like Linear and Superhuman, which users love because of how fast and dynamic they feel.

When the user takes an action in one of these apps, it happens immediately, with no server round-trip latency, and changes from other users appear in realtime.

To demonstrate the power of Replicache we built a small Linear clone we call Repliear. Repliear comes pre-loaded with 50MB of issues from the React GitHub repository, so you can see just how responsive a Replicache-powered app can be, even with a significant amount of data. Open it in two windows side by side and you can see changes from one reflected in realtime in the other. Try it out yourself, or watch the demo video below.

The Realtime Sync pattern used to build these UIs takes the server round trip off the app’s critical path, enabling changes to complete with zero latency on the client. Changes are synchronized in the background up and downstream to the server.

Getting this right is hard. Teams that reinvent this wheel end up creating their own distributed system — with the added excitement of nodes on unreliable client devices that they can't easily debug.

"That feeling when dev tools just work"

— Cindy Wu, Jelly Labs

Replicache is carefully designed, implemented, and tested to reliably handle these challenges.

If you’re new to Replicache and want to learn more, head over to If you’re already familiar with Replicache, here’s what’s new:

  • Replicache is now in General Availability. It’s ready for your production workload.
  • Huge performance improvements over earlier releases. Reads and writes to Replicache happen in under a ms, and data can be scanned at over 500MB/sec on most devices. At these speeds you can render your UI directly from Replicache.
  • Support for synced datasets up to 100MB.
  • Completely overhauled documentation.
  • Dramatically improved productivity. Most features can be implemented entirely client-side without writing a single line of backend code. It’s a very fun way to work 🙂.

Replicache is free to use for non-commercial projects, as well as early stage commercial projects. You only pay once your company begins making money or raises funding.

Get started with our new starter-app, replicache-todo. You can be up and running with instant UI and realtime sync in five minutes. Or come say hi in Discord. We’re happy to talk and help you understand if Replicache is a good fit.