Replicache 12.2.0

Gracefully handle Firefox Private Browsing mode.

February 17, 2023



New since v12.1.0

Gracefully handle Firefox Private Browsing mode.

🔌 Install

npm add replicache@12.2.0

🎁 Features

  • Memory fallback for Firefox Private Browsing. In most browsers IndexedDB is supported in Private Browsing / Incognito, it’s just ephemeral — when the session ends, the storage is deleted. However in Firefox Private Browsing Mode, IndexedDB is not supported. Previously, this meant Replicache could not be used in Firefox Private Browsing mode at all. Now Replicache detects this situation and automatically falls back to an in memory store instead.

🧰 Fixes

  • When using a custom KV Store we were failing some internal sanity checks. This made it impossible to provide a custom store implementation in development mode (process.NODE_ENV !== 'production').

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • We removed experimentalKVStore since it wasn’t really working as intended. Use experimentalCreateKVStore instead.

⚡️ Performance

No changes.